She Refused To Share Her 21st Birthday Celebration With Her Niece, So Her Mom And Sister Were Furious - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Earlier this year, a young woman turned 21-years-old. But, she feels like the day was completely overshadowed by her niece, who has the same birthday.

It all began when her sister, who lives across the country, came into town a few days before the big day.

And even though she had already planned out all of her birthday celebrations– including a morning walk at the lake with family, an afternoon date with her boyfriend, and a dinner party with family– her sister tried to railroad her plans.

Instead, the sister wanted to do a family celebration with totally different plans. So, rather than going out and about, she would be stuck at a garden party for the entire day and then end her birthday with a family dinner at home.

Then, when she tried to air her upset with the change of plans, her mom simply dismissed her.

“She told me I’d had twenty birthdays, and this was her granddaughter’s first birthday; lots of people share birthdays, etc. And their main argument was that we should all spend the day together, and my plans were not kid-friendly,” she recalled.

So, she conceded and told her family they could go about their plans– but she would not be in attendance.

Her boyfriend had already organized a romantic afternoon for her, and she did not want to cancel last minute.

This was not good enough for her mother, though, who got seriously angry. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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