She Refused To Share Her 21st Birthday Celebration With Her Niece, So Her Mom And Sister Were Furious

The mother even told her to “grow up” and that if she wanted to do anything on her birthday, she would have to figure it out herself– because her family car privileges were revoked.

Thankfully, her dad did step in and defend her– saying that she could use the car and that he would even accompany her on the morning walk and pay for her dinner party.

Still, though, over the next few days before her birthday, she noticed her mother and sister being really passive-aggressive.

For example, whenever she would interact with her niece, they would try to guilt her into sharing the day by saying things like, “See, look how much she likes you. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate your birthdays together?”

And after a while, she understandably got really peeved. So, she began avoiding her sister– and subsequently her niece, who is always attached to her sister’s hip.

Then, even on her birthday, the drama did not calm down. She apparently woke up to take her lakeside walk with her brother and father.

But, after they returned, her mom threw yet another fit and accused them of ruining plans.

“I got annoyed since the first thing my mom did on my birthday was lecture me. So, I told her if she did not stop, I would leave, and she could spend her whole day with my niece without us ruining her plans,” she explained.

But, when her mom claimed she was bluffing, she decided to disinvite her mom from her birthday dinner altogether and told her not to show up.

Then, she left her house and spent the afternoon with her boyfriend before going to dinner with her dad, brother, boyfriend, and a few close friends.

She had a fantastic time, too, and eventually returned home later that evening.

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