She Shared Her Honest Take On the New Metallic Swimwear Collection From SKIMS

On July 6, Kim Kardashian dropped her new SKIMS Metallic Swimwear line– and fans have been a bit divided over the collection.

Some love the idea of Kim stepping away from her neutral aesthetic and going in a more playful direction reminiscent of 80s glam.

Other avid SKIMS supporters have been voicing opposite opinions and are concerned that the line falls short of the sculpting and timeless quality the company is known for.

And if you are on the fence about purchasing a new suit from the metallic collection, YouTuber Hope Allen thankfully just posted a “ruthless review” of the new line.

She purchased two suits to try on– one bikini and one monokini.

The first suit she reviewed was the Metallic Swim Mock Neck Tank paired with the Metallic Swim Dipper Tie Bottoms. And, upon first touch, Hope immediately remarked her distaste for the new fabric.

“I just really loved the fabric of the first SKIMS collection, and I am so nervous they ruined it with this,” Hope said while touching the suit.

And after trying the bikini on, Hope’s fears were unfortunately confirmed.

YouTube; pictured above is Hope in her video

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