She Shared Why The Long-Famed Montauk Is No Longer Worth The Hype, And People Are Weighing In On Why They Agree

Montauk has long been one of the most favored vacation destinations among New Yorkers and other northeastern state residents.

The east-end village is just twenty square miles but has been coveted for its beautiful sands, upscale shopping scene, fresh seafood, and vibrant nightlife.

And countless people– from partners to friend groups to families– flock to the beach town every single year.

Nonetheless, one TikToker named Grace recently went viral after sharing her hot take about the famous seaside spot.

In fact, she believes Montauk is nowhere near worth the hype.

“Something that no one talks about is how Montauk is an actual scam,” Grace began before listing off some outrageous expenses.

For example, a table at Surf Lodge– a local upscale eatery– costs a whopping fifteen thousand dollars.

Grace was also particularly bugged about how a vodka soda– or any other cocktail, for that matter– costs about thirty dollars on average.

TikTok; pictured above is Grace in her video

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