She Suffered From A Brain Injury Back When She Was A Teen, So Her Mom Is Accusing Her Fiancé Of Being A Predator

Her mom stated that she should not be getting married to her fiancé because “he’s a predator who preyed on an intellectually challenged girl.”

She couldn’t help herself; she began sobbing as soon as her mom said that to her. Her mom didn’t say anything but she did drive her straight home without going to the store she had wanted to go to.

She then spent the remainder of the night crying as she was so upset by her mom’s words.

“I want my parents to stop insulting me like this,” she said. “I’m not dumb like they think I am. I want them to be a part of my wedding, but at this point, I feel they’re not going to show up.”

Her parents don’t think that she is capable of making any choices in her life, and they really would be happier for her to never be with anyone.

Although her mom and dad are not on board with her relationship, her friends are, and they see no issue with her fiancé.

“My learning issues prevented me from wanting to pursue higher education, but I still have a job,” she added.

“He treats me very well and is the breadwinner between us. I don’t think any of their concerns are valid. He doesn’t take advantage of me. He’s patient and is so loving.”

How can she get her parents to see that her fiancé is the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with?

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