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She Told Her Husband That There’s No Way She’s Going To Play Stepmom To His 15-Year-Old Son

She told Jason that was completely fine and she could abide by his wishes, which shocked him.

Then, she questioned Jason if it was alright for her to just try to be a friend to him.

“At the time, he said he wasn’t sure, and I told him that was fine and to just tell me when he’s ready what he wants from our relationship, but until then I won’t try and parent him,” she said.

“That little talk did wonders. He avoids me less, talks to me more (he actually initiated a conversation with me the other day, and I almost cried, lol), and even will watch movies with me (ie I’m watching a movie already, and he will sit with me and I’ll restart it, not much talk but presence)!”

“My husband noticed and was initially happy until he asked Jason what changed, and he didn’t like the answer.”

Her husband is upset that she spoke to Jason without him and that they together decided on the relationship they wanted to have.

Her husband thinks that if she’s Jason’s friend, it’s not appropriate at all. Her husband does expect her to be more of Jason’s stepmom, and he pointed out that she “signed up” to be that.

Her husband then accused her of “sabotaging being a mom.” She retorted that she ever will be Jason’s mom since Jason does not even want her to be that.

“That made him cry, and he said it felt like I already gave up before I tried,” she continued.

None of this was said in front of Jason, and Jason is not aware that they had talked about this yet.

“That kid is his life, and I know he just wants the best, but I think this is the best,” she added. “But I may have overstepped here by going over his head and straight to Jason.”

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