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She Unknowingly Thrifted A Lamp With A Shade That Appears To Be Covered In Old Blood

A TikToker named Paige Nicole was recently thrift shopping for her home when she saw a cute antique lamp.

So, she bought it, took the lamp home, and plugged it in.

After the lamp was illuminated, though, Paige realized that the lamp came with two lampshades. So, she removed the top shade and discovered what looked like a ton of old blood spatter and stains on the one underneath. Yikes!

Paige immediately took to TikTok to share the creepy find, and the social media community was appalled. Countless users also begged her to test the stains for supposed blood.

“This is why I don’t buy anything from thrift stores!” commented one user.

“The gasp I just gasped,” wrote a second user.

“Cut a little piece off and put peroxide on it to see if it bubbles. If it does, I would take it to the police. That would be a lottttt of blood,” suggested a third user.

And Paige did end up creating a series of videos about the lampshade.

TikTok; pictured above is Paide in one of her videos

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