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She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Got Up And Left After She Advised Him To Stop Saying He’s A Harvard Alum

“I started talking about my amazing undergraduate experience at Harvard and asked him what he concentrated in.”

“He gave me a blank stare. After a moment, he said, “Oh, I finished a web dev certificate from the extension program.”

She actually stopped to Google what he said, and she learned that if you simply fork over $6,000 and complete 3 courses online, you too can get that same certificate. She then confronted this guy about calling himself a “Harvard Alum” as she felt it was disingenuine for him to refer to himself in that way.

She literally said to him, “Why are you calling yourself a Harvard alumnus? When people hear ‘Bobby went to Harvard, ’ they assume that Bobby has an actual degree from Harvard, not some certificate that holds no real weight.”

She fully expected this guy to have an entire degree from Harvard instead of a certificate, and she couldn’t let that go.

“Anyway, my date got up and left, but not before he said, “This is why most people can’t stand people like you,” she continued. “I’ve gone over our conversation multiple times, yet I can’t see where I said anything wrong.”

She’s still left wondering if it wasn’t right for her to speak up about something that really irritated her.

Do you agree that this guy wasn’t being genuine, or do you think she did make a mountain out of a molehill?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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