She Went Viral On TikTok After Detailing An Ingeniously Evil Way To Get Back At Your Ex

How many times have you secretly wished you could sabotage your ex and their new partner?

Sure, taking the moral high ground is likely the better thing to do– regardless of how your ex treated you.

But, if you have ever been backstabbed or cheated on, doing “what’s right” often takes a lot of willpower.

So, one TikToker named Amanda recently advised her followers to basically throw their moral compasses to the curb.

Instead, she believes people should “stay toxic” and get back at their exes. Plus, Amanda even provided a completely sinister and nearly fool-proof plan to do so.

She told her viewers that the next time they get hit on by a guy at a bar, party, or the like, they should give that guy their ex’s phone number.

And, after doing so, they should tell the new guy their name is their ex’s new girlfriend’s name.

In turn, once that guy calls the number looking for them, he will actually be talking to their ex and asking for the ex’s girlfriend.

TikTok; pictured above is Amanda in her video

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