She’s 18 And Convinced That She’s Ugly, But This Stranger On The Internet Had The Best Advice For Her

Brian - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Earlier this morning, an 18-year-old girl confessed on the internet that she’s convinced that she’s ugly.

She listed some of her features that she hates, including her nose, her lips, her ears, her chin, her skin, and he hair.

“Nothing about me is a redeemable quality,” she explained. “Now, y’all can say those features are “pretty in their own way,” but I promise, I do not look good. I just don’t.”

She then heartbreakingly admitted that a lot of people in her life go out of their way to call her unattractive, and she thinks that boys are not interested in her.

She revealed that she does not feel appreciated, and although she has worn makeup before, it doesn’t make her feel any better about herself or her appearance.

“My problem: deep down I know that I’m ugly,” she said. “Everyone says I am and I know I am.”

“But sometimes I get delusions and think makeup will save me or that it’s “not all that bad” or that I’m young so I’m not thaaaat ugly and I still get my hopes up of being considered pretty. I know I’m not though.”

She confessed that she’s hoping that at some point in her life as she grows up, people will find her conventionally attractive, though she doubts that.

She asked how she can accept how she looks without getting so upset about it, and one man on the internet honestly gave her the best advice.

Brian – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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