She’s 30-Years-Old, Living In A Retirement Home, And Sharing On TikTok What It’s Like

An old soul at heart.

This is exactly what Liz, also known as @s3wfun on TikTok, considers herself to be as she explains her backstory behind securing a spot in a retirement home at the age of 30.

It all started with the pandemic. If you were not laid off, you were often forced to go remote. Most businesses and large companies were forced to find a new plan as the entire country shifted into lockdown.

Some were lucky enough to keep their jobs and work from home, which meant packing up their belongings and heading to a location closer to their family as they rode out the never-ending wave of the pandemic.

Liz fits this category perfectly. Her job in Philadelphia shifted to a full-time remote position, so she packed up her things and moved in with her parents in Florida because, well, why not?

Her parents are considered snowbirds, so their plan was to stay at their place in Florida for 6 months. For Liz, this was perfect. First, she would test the waters to see if Florida was the right move.

She would soon find that she loved it there.

With no better timing than the present moment, a unit opened up, and she applied. It turns out the retirement building her parents were staying in had no age minimum. All you had to do was apply and go through an interview process if you wanted to live there.

TikTok; pictured above is Liz in one of her videos

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