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She’s Been Married To Her Husband For Only 2 Weeks And She Just Learned That He’s Been Secretly Spying On Her Female Roommate With A Nanny Cam

She stood there, overcome by a flood of emotions before she rushed over to another laptop they both use to check her husband’s order history on Amazon.

She could clearly see there in the order history that her husband bought this nanny cam 4 months ago.

Next, she used a knife in her kitchen to pull apart the camera to see if there was an SD card inside, but there wasn’t.

She grabbed the rest of the camera and approached her husband, questioning him about where it came from even though she knew where he had purchased it.

Her husband lied to her and said he mistakenly bought the camera before launching into a ton of insane justifications for buying and using that camera on her roommate.

“I was getting a toothbrush light that helps with counting the seconds on each side” was my favorite,” she said.

“At this point, and even now, he doesn’t know that I saw him watching the literal footage. There he was, crying in the garage, acting like he had no idea it was a camera.”

“I felt more sickened knowing that he was looking right at me and lying so well right to my terrified face. I then give him the basically destroyed port, and off he goes to try and lie some more.”

From there, her husband tried to say he didn’t think the camera even had an SD card, which she also knew was a complete and utter lie.

Suddenly, her husband picked it up from somewhere inside their house and handed it over to her.

She inserted the SD card into the laptop that they share and began looking through it to see what was on there.

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