She’s Been Seeing Her Coworker’s Crush, And After This Girl Accused Her Of Looking Desperate In Front Of Everyone They Work With, She Finally Told Her This Guy’s No Longer Single

She always waits for Eric to finish his shift even if she finishes hers before so that they can hang out or get food together. Olivia started to make some nasty comments to her, and she tried her very best to let it slide, but Olivia kept on going.

“She doubles down and says, “No, but really, you give me second-hand embarrassment sometimes, I swear,” she said. “I swear I’m not a doormat, but I knew she was drunk, and she’d regret it in the morning, so I keep trying to play it off or change the topic, but she KEEPS doubling down.”

“Eventually, she says, “like it’s just self-respect, like poor Eric. you’re always throwing yourself at him, and he’s just so not into you.”

She was furious with Olivia, and she snapped back at her that she and Eric are dating. Olivia had no clue, and she fell silent before leaving Eric’s apartment.

Olivia has basically ignored her after that incident at Eric’s, and so she’s left wondering if it was mean of her to point out that Eric’s no longer single in front of everyone when she was fully aware of Olivia’s crush on him.

“I feel like it was somewhat justified, but she’s clearly embarrassed, and I feel awful,” she continued.

Do you think it was ok for her to say what she did in front of everyone? You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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