She’s Only Been Married For A Couple Of Months And She Just Snooped Through Her Husband’s Computer And Found Out He’s Still Following The Girl He Emotionally Cheated On Her With

She’s been walking on cloud nine since the wedding, but this week, she began feeling super unconfident, and it seemingly came out of nowhere.

She took it upon herself to snoop through her husband’s computer, and she found out that he began following that girl he emotionally cheated on her with through Reddit.

She could see in her husband’s history that he started following this girl literally while she was shopping for a wedding dress with his mom and her own mom.

Interesting that at that time, her husband felt it best to look this girl up and see what she was doing.

It crushed her to find this all out, especially considering the fact that this girl nearly spelled the end of her own relationship with her husband.

“She does have a few photos of herself because she’s into working out or something and posts in some of the fitness subs, but mostly her account is just her talking about cute animals, hobbies, and other little random things,” she said.

“It breaks my heart, but honestly, she just seems like a really kind, innocent woman. I started googling her, and that didn’t help because I just found a bunch of stuff about how amazing she is and all the ways she’s helped her community.”

“She seems kind of wealthy and does philanthropic stuff, well-educated, and more.”

All the lovely thing she uncovered about this girl has made her feel even worse about herself, and it also hurts that this girl is gorgeous.

She kept digging around and noticed that this girl and her husband have not exchanged any messages, but still, she wanted to find out if anything was still going on between them.

So, she looked this girl up on LinkedIn and messaged her asking what was happening.

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