She’s Pretty Positive Her Sister’s Wedding Got Canceled Over What She Did At The Rehearsal Dinner And Her Sister Is Currently Sitting In Jail

She immediately called her sister out in front of everyone for being so entitled and terrible, and her sister did not take that well at all.

“At this point, everyone, including our mother and her fiancé, was telling her to calm down, but she decided to throw her silverware at me and yelled I was banned from her wedding,” she said.

“Our mother apologized to me for her behavior, but I left anyway. Still, I wanted her and her fiancé to be happy together. That’s why I now have a lot of guilt when he apologized to me for her behavior and that he called off the wedding and their relationship (she continued to get drunk and even slapped him in the face when he tried to calm her down).”

Currently, her sister is sitting in jail for disorderly conduct and assaulting her own fiancé (well, now we can safely call him her former fiancé).

She honestly believes that how she chose to react to her sister at the rehearsal dinner is what got her sister’s wedding canceled. Their mom already paid for half of her sister’s wedding upfront, and she will not be able to get her money back at all, so that’s additionally weighing on her here.

“I feel had I not said anything; the wedding would have taken place,” she continued. “How do I make this all up to them?”

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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