She’s Spent More Than $1,000 Learning To Ski Since It’s Something Her Boyfriend Is Passionate About, But All He Does Is Put Her Down And Make Her Feel Bad About Making An Effort

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A woman has been with her 38-year-old boyfriend for nearly 2 years, and her boyfriend is incredibly passionate about skiing.

Right when she began dating her boyfriend, he told her that he didn’t expect anyone he dated to know how to ski, and it wasn’t a dealbreaker for him that she had never even gone skiing before.

Back then, she stated that she was interested in trying it out, and she figured it could be nice for her to get to learn how to do something he so clearly loved.

As she’s close to 40 herself, she never thought that she would be able to learn to ski and make it to the level he skis at, since he’s been skiing since he was just a kid and has reached a very advanced level, but she knew she would have fun along the way and that’s what counted, right?

Well, not quite. “I dropped $1k on rentals and a ski pass for our first ski season together,” she explained.

“I turn in a car I absolutely LOVED and got an all-wheel drive SUV so we can get up and down safely. I dropped a ton of money into this.”

“I was able to get one lesson in this season because they were all booked up. Despite only having one lesson, I am really happy with how I progressed. However, I could tell my boyfriend was unhappy. He was constantly pushing me to do harder runs and go faster.”

She stood up to him and pointed out that she was in no way ready to attempt to do more advanced things, and she even had to resort to pleading with her boyfriend to let her have some more time to learn.

She then brought up to her boyfriend that on their very first date, she revealed to him that she has an anxiety disorder and she has to be the one in control of boundaries. The fact that he just kept pushing and pushing her about the skiing was resulting in her anxiety spiraling close to out of control.

ZoomTeam – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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