She’s Unsure If Her Husband Cheated On Her Before They Got Married But She’s Considering Trying To Find Out

Apparently, they went on a few dates, but her now-husband decided he could not enter anything serious with the girl.

He cited his own immaturity and the girl’s age as his excuses.

Then, the woman and her then-boyfriend eventually got back together and, of course, married.

The woman believes her husband is now a great father to their kids and treats her amazingly.

Still, not knowing if her husband cheated on her back in the day has always scared the woman.

“The thought of never seeing those messages has always haunted me. To be honest, there were even times when I was glad I wasn’t able to see so, at least if it were bad, I would never know,” she revealed.

Now, though, the woman is considering putting her fears to rest and getting closure with the situation.

She currently has the ability to contact the girl who had texted her now-husband and learn if there was any relationship overlap when they dated.

But, the woman is unsure if it’s a good idea.

She claims that nothing she finds out could change their marriage and that her husband is already “forgiven” because he was so young at the time.

However, perhaps the woman is scared that something inside her will change if she finds out about any cheating.

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