She’s Upset Her Husband Did Not Gift Her A New Smartwatch And Luggage For Her Birthday Even Though She Got To Go On Vacation While He Stayed Home With Their Toddler

Julia - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman just celebrated her thirty-ninth birthday last week, and instead of going out or having a party, she got to go on an entire vacation.

She planned the trip with her mother a few months ago and, during the planning process, the woman decided to invite her brother, too.

But unfortunately, her husband had to stay home to take care of their child– even though he apparently did not mind.

“My husband was fully supportive of us taking this trip and would be staying home with our three-year-old son and our dog,” the woman explained.

Anyway, before she left for the vacation, the woman’s husband gave her a birthday gift. It included some new comfy pajamas, a sun hat, and wine and cheese to bring on the road trip.

And even though this might sound like a great gift to some, the woman was very unhappy with it.

Apparently, she had been asking her husband to get her a new smartwatch and luggage ever since she and her mother began planning the trip earlier this year.

So, the woman expressed her dissatisfaction with the present, and her husband came up with a gracious solution.

“He knows I can be kind of picky about gifts since I have exchanged some he has gotten me in the past for different colors or options. So, he offered to go shopping with me so that I could pick out exactly what I wanted,” the woman recalled.

Julia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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