Splash Pad At A Kansas Wildlife Park Caused Two Outbreaks of Gastrointestinal Illness Among Adolescents

First, splash pad providers should enforce strict water disinfection practices and employ environmental health experts when needed.

Second, caregivers need to be aware of how outbreaks originate and travel throughout adolescent groups.

“Young children are more likely to experience acute gastrointestinal illness including shigellosis and norovirus infection and, because of inadequate toileting and hygiene skills, are more likely to contaminate the water,” the CDC reported.

Moreover, caregivers should first be cautious about using swim diapers since they do not prevent contamination.

Second, they should advise children to refrain from drinking or placing their open mouths on splash pad water or equipment.

To review the CDC’s entire report detailing the two outbreaks and subsequent prevention efforts, you can visit the link here.

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