Texas State University Student Raises Over $160,000 To Adopt A Baby He Found In A Dumpster While Visiting Haiti

Jimmy Amisial, a twenty-seven-year-old student at Texas State University, always visits his homeland, Haiti, at least twice a year.

But, when Jimmy traveled to see his family and deliver Christmas presents to local orphanages in December of 2017, he stumbled upon someone who changed his life forever.

“On New Year’s Eve, I was on my way to the orphanage, and I found a baby boy in the dumpster– being eaten by fire ants– left abandoned to die,” he recalled.

Apparently, after Jimmy contacted local authorities, the baby’s mother and father were nowhere to be found. And, since the boy was wailing loudly, other onlookers did not want to touch the baby for fear of him being cursed.

“There was not a single soul who wanted to do something about it. They thought that the baby was cursed or had some evil spirit. They were so blinded by the intensity of magical ritual, which is really prevalent in Haiti,” Jimmy explained.

So, at that moment, he knew that he had to step in and take action.

“Without hesitation, I picked him up, and I went to my mom’s house with him,” Jimmy said.

And since then, he has been tirelessly working to officially adopt the boy– named Emilio– who currently lives with Jimmy’s mother in Gonaives, Haiti.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Jimmy with Emilio

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