The Remains Of 2 Women Were Discovered After Last Being Seen With The Same Man In 2014, But Nobody Has Any Answers About Their Deaths

Then, on January 29, 2014, Danielle unexpectedly lost contact with her family. The twenty-three-year-old constantly remained in touch with her mother and sister, so it was very out of character for Danielle.

And the last time Danielle spoke to Billie Jo, she described plans to leave California as well as go to local law enforcement about her struggles.

Following that call, though, Billie Jo never heard from her daughter again. Leading up to Danielle’s disappearance, she had been sleeping on her friend James’s couch.

Then, on the night she vanished, Danielle also called James for a ride from Swain’s Flat area– which was about thirty minutes away from his home.

And witnesses did see James pick up Danielle that evening, but she never returned home. Instead, she remained missing for over one year until March 9, 2015, when a man riding his ATV near Eel River noticed a skull.

The skull was DNA tested and confirmed to be Danielle’s. But, her case has tragically remained cold for over eight years.

Nonetheless, Kristen Seavey, a childhood friend of Danielle’s, has been fervently advocating for answers.

She created a petition outlining the details of Danielle’s case, as well as the possible connection to another tragic murder.

In February of 2014, Sheila Franks– a thirty-four-year-old woman from the same region– also vanished just days after Danielle disappeared. Moreover, Sheila was last seen with the same man, James.

Facebook; pictured above is Sheila

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