There’s A TikTok Video Going Around Questioning Titanium Dioxide In Tampons Being Safe, But Should Women Be Worried?

Two weeks ago, a TikToker named Rachel Morgan sparked fear and outrage amongst millions of women after sharing that her go-to tampon company uses titanium dioxide in its products.

Rachel explained how she learned about the titanium dioxide tampon contents from another woman on the platform who cited experiencing severe cramping, ovarian cysts, and was being checked for cancer after using the product.

Then, after looking into titanium dioxide, Rachel claimed it is cancer-causing.

Titanium dioxide, also known as TiO2, is a naturally occurring mineral that is made up of titanium and oxygen.

The mineral is used in a plethora of consumer-grade products, including paints, adhesives, plastics, cosmetics, toothpaste, and chewing gum.

However, the TikTok has since been flagged as containing unverified information, and medical professionals have begun speaking out on the topic.

Dr. Karen Tang, a leader in women’s health and minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (MGIS) in the U.S., posted videos on both TikTok and YouTube to help put the public at ease.

Dr. Tang explained how after consulting with a Ph.D. toxicologist who formerly ran clinical trials for women’s health care products with the FDA, she learned that titanium dioxide is very minimally used in tampons.

YouTube; pictured above is Dr. Tang in her video

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