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This 13-Year-Old Boy Was Selling Lemonade In 102 Degree Heat So He Could Raise Enough Money To Go To A Soccer Tournament, And Now His Viral Story Has Generated Over $17,000 On GoFundMe

The couple told their followers they had thirty minutes to generate as much money as possible for Niko. And the TikTok community did just that.

One hour later, after the couple went to the bank to take out the funds, Niko was informed of the life-changing donation from people around the globe.

Instead of earning three dollars for the glass of lemonade he sold to Lexy, he received one thousand and one hundred dollars.

“What the heck!? Thank you so much!” Niko said in shock before immediately hugging Lexy, “I’m going to Portugal!”

“There is no reason I should have been here, but it’s crazy that I was here at the right time, and you guys saw me,” Niko added.

Afterward, the boy Facetimed his father, who got to meet Lexy and Austin. The couple also waited with Niko to make sure he was picked up safely from the lemonade stand.

The heartwarming series of TikToks have since gained a collective thirty-three million views, over five million likes, and tens of thousands of comments.

People around the globe applauded Niko’s determination to get to Portugal and were ecstatic that he was rewarded for his efforts.

“I love that his parents gave him independence and are teaching him the value of earning money. He is going places,” commented one user.

“This changed that kid’s life forever,” wrote a second user.

“I am in tears!!! I am so happy for him,” commented a third.

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