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This 15-Year-Old Girl’s Dad Is Taking His Girlfriend And His Girlfriend’s Kids On An Exotic Family Vacation But She’s Not Invited To Go With Them

“I asked him how this came to be, and he told me that the trip was already booked, and now that he and his girlfriend were back together, they told him that he could join them as there was enough space in the room they had booked.”

“This seems like yet another lie as he would have to book a plane ticket, get a larger room and tell the hotel that he was coming too, among other things and he can’t just be ‘tagging along’, it doesn’t work like that.”

She believes that her dad was intentionally excluding her from this exotic family vacation, and she’s tired of feeling left out of all of his plans.

She’s since spent the last week being cold to her dad, but he has not brought the trip up again.

“For context, I have never been on vacation with my dad anywhere, and I am just upset that he is taking someone else’s children on this experience before he has me,” she said.

Her grandma doesn’t agree with her anger being directed at her dad, and her grandma also accused her of being spoiled and bratty.

She’s left wondering if her grandma has a point here. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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