This 15-Year-Old Girl’s Mom Is Getting Remarried But Disinvited Her From The Wedding

sasamihajlovic - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This fifteen-year-old girl’s parents divorced when she was younger; since then, she has been her mother’s only daughter from her previous marriage.

Nonetheless, the girl also has two brothers who are sixteen and eighteen years old.

Now, the mother is getting remarried this year– and the girl’s place in the wedding is causing some serious turmoil.

The mother and her fiancé have been planning their wedding for about two months so far, and the wedding is set to occur in December– just one day before the girl’s birthday.

She was excited for her mom– especially since she was asked to be the flower girl during the ceremony.

However, after the girl recently asked when she and her mother would go shopping for her flower girl dress, the mom acted kind of strange.

“I could see a disappointed look on her face when I asked her, which confused me. Then, she responded a few minutes after and said we would talk about it later,” the girl recalled.

And after a few hours went by, the mom finally approached the girl. But, instead of talking about dress shopping, she revoked the flower girl role from her daughter altogether.

Apparently, the mother’s fiancé believed that his three daughters would be “a better fit” to lead the wedding.

sasamihajlovic – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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