This 20-Year-Old Missouri College Student Was Abducted From A Pay Phone Booth In 1991, But Now Authorities Believe The Perpetrator Targeted The Wrong Woman

In 1990, twenty-year-old Angela “Angie” Hammond was about to experience some of the most significant milestones of her life.

She had just begun her freshman year at Central Missouri State University while working as a bank clerk on the side.

Angela was also dating her high school sweetheart, Rob Shafner, and the pair were head over heels for each other.

By January of 1991, she even found out they were pregnant and shared the news with Rob. He was so ecstatic that he proposed to Angela shortly afterward.

Everything was going according to plan until about four months later when the couple went to a family barbecue at Angela’s mother’s home on April 4.

The fiancés stayed at the gathering until about 9:00 p.m. before deciding to leave, and Angela dropped Rob off at his family’s home because he had to babysit his younger brother. And in the meantime, Angela drove around town while catching up with a friend.

Once she was finished and dropped her friend off at home, though, things took a tragic turn.

Angela decided to stop at a payphone in town to phone Rob around 11:15 p.m. And while talking to him, she could not help but notice that a green truck kept circling the block and staring at her.

Clinton Missouri Police Department; pictured above is Angela

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