This 3 Legged Cat Has Stolen The Hearts Of TikTok Users Everywhere With The Story Of How This Woman Came To Be His Owner

The young woman who owned Pep at the time ended up having to leave for college, so the previous owners of Cathy’s house offered to take care of him while she was away.

“Well, over time, he kind of became their cat,” explains Cathy in her video.

“But when they moved to their new house, they decided not to take him with them even though they had taken care of him for years, and he was microchipped and everything.”

Cathy then explains that when she and her husband bought their new house, they got a free cat!

“We like to tell people that he just came with the house,” says Cathy at the end of her video.

The touching story of Cathy and Pep went viral on TikTok, with her video receiving over 200,000 likes.

“I couldn’t imagine leaving him behind,” commented one user. “Glad he found you.”

As Cathy says in the comments, Pep now has his “forever home.” We’re so glad!

To view the original video, visit the link here.

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