This 7-Year-Old California Boy Rescued A Toddler From The Bottom Of His Apartment Complex’s Pool

“It’s a miracle,” she said of her son’s rescue and the toddler’s survival.

And since the incident, Tiara has taken to Instagram to applaud her son and share his heroism with the social media community.

“Massiah, you are the coolest kid in the world! You are everybody’s favorite superhero, and words cannot express how grateful and blessed I am to call you my son! Mommy is so proud of you, baby. You are really living up to your name Massiah!” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“So beautiful to see this! You should be one proud Momma,” commented one user.

“So amazing,” wrote another user.

“Awww, this is so beautiful,” commented a third.

To learn more about Massiah and share your appreciation for his quick jump to action, you can visit Tiara’s Instagram post linked here.

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