This Blind Woman Received An Unsolicited Photo From A Man, And Her Screenreader Totally Roasted Him When Audibly Describing The Image

Claire is a blind woman who uses her TikTok account to raise awareness about what it is like to navigate everyday habits without sight.

Still, even though she widely publicizes her blindness, the men she interacts with on dating apps have continued to act like she isn’t.

“I am blind, and I get sent a lot of lower regional area pictures from guys. Maybe they don’t believe that I am blind?” Claire began in a TikTok.

Nonetheless, the way that she is able to use social media, participate in text chains, and complete other tasks on mobile devices is by utilizing a screen reader.

Essentially, the screen reader will assess any blurb or photo that appears on Claire’s screen and audibly read it back to her.

So, when the screen reader saw the random pickle pop up on her phone, Claire was hit with a hilarious translation.

“One face– probably a mushroom growing in the ground,” the screen reader narrated. What an unintended burn by AI.

Claire’s hysterical video has since garnered over 1.1 million views, gained nearly one hundred and twenty thousand likes, and spurred over eleven hundred comments. And people around the world have dying over it.

“Oh, that is amazing. Your screen reader is a savage!” commented one user.

“Haha, ego also buried in the ground after that description! That one hurts!” joked a second user.

“I am CACKLING! You should reply with what it said,” suggested a third cruel commenter.

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