This Cat Named Chibbs Needs Special Surgery For A Rare Genetic Condition That Will Cost $15,000

A seven-year-old Ragdoll kitty named Chibbs Viggo Babadook Alexander is in desperate need of your help.

Over the past month, Chibbs has developed breathing problems. At first glance, you would never know the poor kitty was struggling internally.

However, Anna Alexander, Chibbs’ owner, explained how one would have to stare at Chibbs for an extended period of time in order to catch the slight difference in his breathing.

Thankfully, Anna was able to catch Chibbs struggling on camera and send it to her vet. They quickly told Anna to bring her cat in for further in-person evaluation.

Once they arrived at the vet, x-rays were performed and showed fluid build-up in his chest, also known as chylous effusion, a rare genetic condition.

At first, the vet recommended the family put Chibbs down that day. However, they all decided to move forward with a Thoracocentesis, also known as a chest tap, to buy them some time as they figured out the best route to take. 

The vet removed 300 ml of fluid from Chibbs’ chest that day. However, the fluid comes back every four days, so until they figure out a solution, Chibbs will need a chest tap every four days.

Thankfully, once a chest tap is complete, Anna’s beloved companion turns into a new kitten who is happy as ever!

GoFundMe; pictured above is Chibbs

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