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This Couple Has Been Together For 11 Years, But The Boyfriend Will Not Propose Because He Believes His $91,000 Salary Is Not Enough

Nonetheless, she has been making great strides in her career and feels like she is in the best mental state of her life.

So, when her boyfriend told her the news about his raise, the woman was overjoyed.

“It seemed like everything was coming together and that we could really start our lives together. It seemed great,” she said.

But, the woman’s boyfriend was apparently not thinking the same thing.

She began discussing her hopes and plans for their future together, and her boyfriend shut her down.

“He said he was not even thinking of proposing at all because even with his salary, he has a lot to pay for,” the woman recalled.

She was understandably crushed. And, moreover, confused.

Her boyfriend still lives with his parents and does not pay any rent or utility bills.

In fact, the only bills he is responsible for are his car payments and student loan repayment.

And while the woman recognizes those can be stressful, she does not believe they are enough to derail a marriage proposal– especially on his salary.

Still, she is wondering if her dream of marriage is getting in the way of her logic.

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