This Dad Is Not Permitting His Son’s College Age Girlfriend To Sleep Over At Their House Since It Already Happened In Secret

His son said to him that he’s really concerned that his girlfriend could be robbed while trying to get home or that she could fall asleep on her way and get hurt.

His son’s girlfriend does live at home too, and her parents have no problem letting his son sleep over any time he feels like it.

Due to the fact that his son is allowed to stay at their house, his son believes his girlfriend should be allowed to stay at their house too.

Maybe he would feel differently about this if his son had not already allowed his girlfriend to stay over secretly.

“Since he did it without asking my wife and me the first time, I’m not letting her stay,” he continued.

He’s wondering if it’s ok for him not to want to let his son’s girlfriend spend the night at their home after his son wasn’t forthcoming about her already having done this.

What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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