This Doctor Is Pointing Out 3 Strange Signs That You Might Be Dehydrated

Some of us often have a hard time drinking water throughout the day. So instead of grabbing an ice cold, refreshing glass of water, most of us reach for the desirable cup of coffee in front of us. Once that is out, we head to the kitchen to grab another one.

I mean, how do you handle an 8-hour shift without reaching for the coffee pot a billion times?

There are many signs to prove how dehydrated one might be. However, Dr. Karan Raj on TikTok has three unique ways you may never have thought would be the leading signs of dehydration.

They are pretty unusual, but he notes we should know them all, so let’s dive into them.

One of the first unusual signs of dehydration is sugar cravings! Dr. Karan Raj, also known as @dr.karanr on TikTok, explains sugar cravings are a sign of severe dehydration where your liver is working overtime to break down glycogen into glucose, so there is less glucose in your blood. 

Second, on the list is dry eyes. While most of us would chalk it up to allergies, it uniquely turns out this symptom is a sign of dehydration.

Our bodies produce tears for more than just crying. Tears tend to lubricate and clean our eyes. Without them, we experience dry eyes, which ultimately could stand for many reasons.

But, dehydration leads to dry eyes that are very irritable. So next time, consider grabbing a glass of water, or three, to see if you are actually dehydrated.

TikTok; pictured above is Dr. Karan Raj in his video

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