This Dorito Chicken Recipe Definitely Looks Like Something Interesting You Can Try Making For Dinner Tonight

TikTok has become a great platform for cooking tutorials and unique recipe videos. Even world-renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsey have created profiles to show off their culinary skills.

But there are some users out there who will post some out-of-pocket recipes. Some of them look like they could be quite good, and some look pretty awful.

One of the most popular non-conventional home cooks on the app is Sylvia Ferreira (@syllygirl), who has made some viral cooking videos that often catch the attention of and infuriate tons of TikTok users.

Some of her odd recipes have included ‘beef wrapped spaghetti,’ which involved wrapping raw burger meat around a bunch of uncooked spaghetti noodles and letting it all cook in a pan with sauce and cheese.

One user commented on the video, saying, “I’m Italian, and I almost had a stroke watching this video.”

It’s safe to say that some TikTok users are skeptical of her cooking!

However, she recently posted a recipe that some viewers are willing to try. One of the key ingredients is a bag of Doritos.

Sylvia created a fried chicken tender recipe that involves using a wet batter made in a bag of Doritos.

TikTok; pictured above is Sylvia’s finished Dorito chicken

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