This High School Senior Forgot Her Purse At A Party In 1986, But After She Went Back To Get It, She Was Never Seen Again

In 1986, Denise Pflum was an eighteen-year-old from Indiana who dreamed of being a microbiologist.

She attended Connersville High School, where she excelled in school, was the treasurer of the science club, and even played basketball, softball, and volleyball.

By March, Denise was also looking forward to starting the next chapter of her life. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend of three years– Shawn M. McClung– and started to become a social butterfly.

Denise also had big plans following graduation. She intended to study at Miami University in Ohio and even hoped to land a track scholarship at the school.

But, all of these possibilities crumbled away in a matter of a day. On the evening of March 27, 1986, Denise went to a large party.

The school year was winding down, and prom was only a month away. So, a few hundred Connersville High School students got together to celebrate.

And all was fine until the following day, March 28, when Denise realized she had left her purse at the gathering.

Around 12:30 p.m., the teen asked a few friends to retrieve it with her. None of her friends were available, though, so she went alone.

Facebook; pictured above is Denise

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