This Nanny Refused To Bring A Baby Back Home During A Rainstorm And Got Accused Of Kidnapping

But, the mother was not happy and said it was almost the baby’s nap time. So, the mom wanted her to walk back right away.

She ended up asking if she had looked out the window and saw the terrible storm raging outside. But, the mother did not care– and said the baby’s stroller had a cover, so it would be fine.

Nonetheless, she did not want to walk back in the rain without an umbrella or jacket for fear of getting sick.

Moreover, once she inevitably got soaked, she did not want to have to work the rest of her shift in sopping wet clothing.

So, she asked if the baby’s mother or father would be able to go pick them up from the bubble tea shop. But, the mother said it was “her job to do what she is told” and refused to go get them.

In turn, she made the executive decision to stay at the bubble tea shop with the baby until the storm passed.

And after sitting in the shop for an hour longer, the baby’s father finally showed up with his car. He apparently apologized for the wait and said he had been sleeping and had no clue they were stuck in the rain.

But, the niceties were out the window once she met the mother at home.

Apparently, the mother totally screamed at her after she got back and accused her of kidnapping the baby girl.

And even though the father believed his wife was acting over dramatic, he did not step in much further. So, the mother ended up threatening to fire her and told her not to go to work the next day.

They are also supposed to discuss her employment status on Monday.

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