This Plus-Sized Influencer Opened Up About The Mental Health Struggles Of Trying To Be Body-Positive

So, while Olivia– and countless other body-positive influencers– may always seem completely constant in their self-love and acceptance, she wanted her followers to know that the process is never linear. Instead, it ebbs and flows, and that’s okay.

“I just want to be transparent with you all. I know I get questions asking how to be so confident, and it is honestly a daily working effort. It takes a lot of mental power to believe in yourself and ignore the toxic thoughts in your head,” Olivia said.

“Just know that everyone is human, and even I struggle with my confidence. Not everything you see depicted online is one hundred percent true– we are all insecure sometimes,” she added in the reel’s caption.

The Instagram community widely appreciated Olivia’s openness and willingness to start a sometimes hard conversation. Her post spurred hundred of comments from mostly women who all related to the message.

“I so agree! It is mental work every day to function as a plus-size person, and to do it while influencing others is hard,” commented one follower.

“You are doing an amazing job, and you are allowed to have off-days as well. We are all only human.”

“I agree. The worst enemy of ‘you’ most of the time is ‘you.’ We all have to dig deep in our minds to pull greatness out of us. I appreciate you sharing your human side with us,” wrote another user.

To learn more about Olivia and keep the conversation going, visit her Instagram account linked here. Or, to view the original post, visit the link here.

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