This Stepdad Wants To Adopt His 8-Year-Old Stepdaughter But Not His 15-Year-Old Stepson - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This forty-one-year-old man has been with his wife for five years and, two years ago, they got married.

His wife has two children from her previous marriage– James, who is fifteen, and Becky, who is eight.

He met the kids after dating his now-wife for about six months. Then, one year later, they all moved in together.

Since then, he has grown to have a great relationship with Becky– especially since her biological father has been absent for years. And just last month, she even asked him to adopt her.

“I thought it was incredibly sweet, and I was very moved. I have cared for her since she was very small, and she thinks of me like her dad. So, I, of course, said yes,” he recalled.

Once he began looking into the legal process of the adoption, though, his wife pulled him aside with a condition. Apparently, she believes that if he adopts Becky, he will also need to adopt James out of fairness.

But, he is vehemently opposed to adopting James and explained how their stepfather and stepson relationship has been turbulent from the start.

“He has never liked me and has no interest in bonding with me. He won’t come on one-on-one days out with me and will barely speak to me,” he said.

James also refuses to allow him to attend sports games, tell him about his life, or share his interests and hobbies. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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