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This Teen Boy Lashed Out At His Parents Because He Was Only Born To Be His Sister’s Lifelong Caregiver

Ursula Page - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This young man is now sixteen-years-old, but before he was born, his mother got married and welcomed his half-sister, Mia, into the world.

Then, when Mia was about seven years old, his mother met her current husband and gave birth to his second sister, Brooke.

Unfortunately, though, Brooke was born with severe disabilities that will require lifelong support and care from a dedicated caregiver.

And this reality has seriously impacted how his parents decided to expand their family.

“Mia hated that my mom was married to dad and wanted nothing to do with Brooke. So, they worried about who would take care of Brooke when they were gone,” he recalled.

In turn, his parents decided to have another child– him– in order to ensure that Brooke would have a caregiver in the future.

And ever since he can remember, the reason why he was born was never kept a secret. Instead, his parents literally trained him to put Brooke first, and he has been carrying the weight of his sister’s condition on his shoulders for his entire adolescent life.

Plus, Mia’s reluctance to take part in any of Brooke’s care has significantly added to his fears.

“The pressure is even worse since Mia does not want anything to do with Brooke or me and always refused to get any training for taking care of Brooke,” he explained.

Ursula Page – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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