This Teen Said That She Didn’t Care That Her Cousin With Cancer Only Has 3 Years Left To Live

Andreshkova Nastya - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This sixteen-year-old woman has a second cousin named Jane, who is super close with her parents.

She, on the other hand, is not that close with Jane at all– because her second cousin was apparently always kind of mean to her.

But, they live in the same city, and her parents often worked late hours. So, Jane would accompany her to extracurricular activities on the bus downtown.

“I got her a nice Christmas gift this year with the allowance I saved up, so I don’t think I have been ungrateful for what she has done for me,” she explained.

Nonetheless, Jane was tragically diagnosed with cancer this year. And as of right now, her life expectancy is about three more years.

So, ever since receiving the news, Jane has been using her diagnosis to bypass some of life’s more common annoyances. For example, Jane will cut long longs or ask for discounts usually only available to service workers by using the phrase, “I’ve only got three more years; we gotta make ’em good.”

And more recently, her parents asked Jane for another favor. This time, they asked Jane to escort her on a flight to visit extended family in another state.

“I had never flown alone before, so the deal was that Jane would fly me there, show me how things worked, and return home without me. Then, I would fly home alone after I knew how. My parents covered everything, plus some nice skincare for Jane as a thank you,” she said.

But, while traveling with Jane, she started to become really irritated– because apparently, her cousin began stretching her knees and legs onto the seats in front of them.

Andreshkova Nastya – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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