This TikToker, Her Ex-Husband, And Her Current Boyfriend Are All Traveling The World And Raising Their Three Kids Together

“You have two mans??” wrote one user.

“So you’re saying [you have a] non-toxic ex who is still on good terms?!” commented a second.

And to this, Nadine explained her love of the unconventional family dynamic.

“Yes, we are good friends and raise our kids together while we travel. And he [ex-husband] likes my new boyfriend!” she began in one TikTok.

“Having a non-toxic relationship with your ex is super important for the kids,” Nadine continued.

“We are all good friends, which turned out to be very good for all of our three children.”

“It is not impossible to come along and show our kids how good humans can work together if they want to.”

In fact, the TikToker even described how co-parenting their children is so much easier with a group of three rather than just two parental units.

She discussed how you are “not the one alone with your partner 24/7” and can take more turns looking after the kids.

Plus, since they all get along, Nadine has a ton of fun.

Do you think you, your ex, and your current partner could ever make a situation like this work? Or is this family the anomaly? 

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