This Tiny 97-Square-Foot Paris Apartment Makes NYC Renters Seem Like They Are Living Large

To the right of the kitchen area is her only closet, which is thankfully equipped with storage shelves.

Finally, the rest of the space is mostly taken up by her twin-sized bed and desk. And don’t worry, there is a shower and toilet– they are just located behind bathroom stall-resembling doors.

Still, the TikToker shared that despite its size, the apartment feels like home.

“It’s small, but I LOVE it,” the woman said.

She even decorated the walls with artwork, put up photo collages, added teal-colored curtains, and bought plants to tie in some greenery. Plus, from the apartment, the woman is able to spot the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

TikTok; pictured above is the tiny kitchen

Nonetheless, the TikTok community was shocked by how teeny the apartment was. The video gained over 3.1 million views, two hundred and seventy-three thousand likes, and over three thousand comments.

“Harry Potter had more space under the stairs,” joked one user.

“I feel like I could not breathe while watching this video,” commented a second user.

“This is the exact size of my brain capacity,” quipped a third.

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