This Toddler Completely Destroyed His Mom’s Sofa And Footage Of The Aftermath Went Totally Viral On TikTok

If you have never heard of the “terrible twos,” consider yourself lucky– because moms and dads around the world are all-too-familiar with this challenging parenting period.

The term refers to when babies turn two years old and enter the toddler phase. By that age, children are typically talking, walking, running, jumping, climbing, and are practically just little balls of energy.

So, all of a sudden, parents are tasked with keeping their toddlers increasingly occupied while also preventing them from getting into trouble.

But, most caregivers have all experienced a time when their terrible-two-toddler either escaped from their grasp or was left alone for just a few minutes and created a total mess.

Although, one mom recently shared perhaps one of the worst cases of terrible-two behavior ever on TikTok.

Her son, Ryan, was reportedly left alone for just a few minutes before the mother returned to find her home in complete and utter chaos.

First, Ryan had completely raided the fridge– leaving spilled food all over the inside and on the floor.

Then, he took what appeared to have been a chocolate cake and smeared it all over the mom’s new couch.

TikTok; pictured above is Ryan

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