This Twelve-Year-Old Girl From Oklahoma Saved Her Family From A Catastrophic House Fire

In fact, the department even created a new award to honor Deysi specifically.

“Her courageous actions undoubtedly prevented a much worse situation from occurring. Today, we presented her with the Clinton Fire Department Award for Courage and Bravery. While they may have lost their house, their family is still whole,” the department wrote.

The Facebook Post has since gained over four hundred likes and tons of comments about Deysi’s heroism.

“This gave me goosebumps! What a wonderful, brave young lady!” commented one user.

“Way to go! I hope she is super proud of herself. She is definitely a hero. I am so sorry they lost their house and belongings but so glad she was able to get everyone out. What a brave and amazing girl,” wrote a second user.

Many community members have also asked where food, clothing, and monetary donations can be directed for the Aguirre family while they temporarily rent another place in Clinton.

Any monetary donations can be directed to this GoFundMe campaign launched in honor of the Aguirre family, and any tangible donations can be brought directly to the Clinton Fire Department.

To contribute to the GoFundMe campaign, visit the link here. Or, to view the Clinton Fire Department’s original Facebook post, visit the link here.

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