This UK Mom Was Able To Conceive Her Child Via AI For Only $30 

Many Americans who wish to become parents but have struggled with either infertility or simply lack of a male partner have considered using AI– in other words, obtaining a qualified donor.

But, in the United States, undergoing this process can be quite costly. In fact, according to US Fertility, the price of obtaining a donation can actually range from three hundred dollars to a whopping four thousand dollars, depending on where you live and what bank you go through.

So, when one single mom from the UK shared on TikTok that she conceived her son, Lorenzo, with the help of a donation that cost just thirty dollars, the social media community was floored.

Bailey Ennis, the twenty-four-year-old mom, recently gave birth to Lorenzo this past July. She cited wanting to start a family for a long time but lacked a male partner– so she eventually decided to take matters into her own hands.

Bailey also explained how she was able to achieve such a low-cost solution. According to her, she simply found a donor website and sifted through the profiles of healthy male donors.

“If you get pregnant via…donation and you do not go through a clinic or bank, the total cost is really minimal,” she said.

And after Bailey believed she had found the right donor, she coordinated a meeting over coffee before accepting the donation for just thirty dollars.

Then, the donor visited her home to deliver the sample. And with it in hand, Bailey used a kit– including ovulation tests, sterile cups, and syringes– to perform the fertilization on herself.

TikTok; pictured above is Bailey

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