This Woman’s Sister Did Not Like Her Baby Name Choice, So She Began Ranting In A Facebook Moms Group And Even Asked How To Change Her Mind

Apparently, the sister first went on a long rant about how bad her taste in names is. Then, the sister shared how she was going to ruin her daughter’s life with such a horrible name and cause Oceana to be jealous of other children. And finally, the sister asked other moms how to change her mind.

And shockingly, some moms were totally on board with trying to change her mind and even began proposing ideas.

Thankfully, though, one of her friends also happened to be in the Facebook group and saw what her sister had posted. So, she took screenshots of the entire thread and sent them to her– and she was infuriated.

So, the next time that she saw her sister in person, she finally spoke her mind.

“She began giving me more names to consider– Rosemary, Francesca, Vivienne, Lilian, etc.– and I rolled my eyes and told her to focus on her own kids’ names instead of mine,” she explained.

She also told her sister that she needed to get over her name choice and quit telling the entire world about it.

But, instead of being understanding, her sister became super defensive. The sister claimed she was being super dismissive of her ideas and that she insulted her own kids’ names.

And now, even though she knows she did nothing of the sort, she is unsure if telling her sister to back off was a rude thing to do.

How much say should family members have in a child’s name choice? If your sister put your first child’s name choice on blast in a Facebook moms group, how would you respond? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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