Viral Reddit Post Citing Stimulus Checks And A Lack Of Work Ethic Among Restaurant Service Workers Spurs Outrage Online

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, service industries– which were already fraught with high turnover– suffered more severe staff losses than ever.

Now though, even two and a half years later, restaurants are still struggling. According to the National Restaurant Association, the industry has made a substantial comeback but is still down about five percent– or around six hundred and thirty-five thousand jobs– compared to pre-pandemic employment.

Moreover, patrons across the nation are feeling the strain. The American Customer Satisfaction Index reported that customers are even unhappier with fast-food chains than last year due to slower customer service speeds, inaccurate orders, and the cleanliness of restaurants.

One Reddit user recently highlighted this harsh reality occurring at a local pizza place, where they claimed to have waited ninety minutes for one medium-sized pizza.

The user decided to travel to the store and figure out why there was such a hold-up but, upon arriving, was met with an announcement posted on the restaurant’s front door.

“DEAR CUSTOMERS: Due to the overwhelming shortage of STAFF due to “STIMULUS” and the lack of work ETHIC, we are asking our valued customers to please have patience with the TEAM that came to work today to serve you,” the note began.

“My team is working six to seven days a week, sometimes ten to twelve hours a day. Giving up time with THEIR families to be the front-line workers. Let us all show some kindness and humanity to them and say a positive word to keep them encouraged,” the note finished.

The post has since earned over forty-five thousand “upvotes” and prompted a thread with over five thousand responses– with many people online decrying the allegation that the stimulus checks and a lack of worth ethic are the prime reasons for staff shortages.

Reddit; pictured above is the whole note

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