You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Sarah Krivanek, An American Schoolteacher Who Is Currently Behind Bars In Russia For This Reason

On December 15, 2021, Sarah Krivanek– an American schoolteacher and mother of four– was arrested at a Moscow airport.

She had attempted to flee the country with U.S. aid following “wrongful” domestic abuse charges. But, her escape plan failed, and the teacher has now been jailed in Russia for over seven months.

The turmoil all began last November when Sarah’s Russian boyfriend– Mikhail Karavaev– allegedly got drunk and hit her in the face.

According to Sarah, she acted in self-defense by getting a kitchen knife and trying to ward her boyfriend off. In the process, though, Sarah caught his nose with the blade.

She was later charged by Russian officials with “intent to inflict slight bodily harm” and “threatening to kill or do grievous bodily harm.” Sarah was also ordered to appear in court the following day.

There, she described the altercation and alleged her boyfriend had punched and kicked her relentlessly, resulting in three broken fingers and numerous bruises on her arms and legs.

And following Sarah’s testimony and a confirmation of her injuries by medical experts, her boyfriend did withdraw his initial complaint.

“I never felt that my life was in danger,” Mikhail said in court. “She was just angry that I was drinking vodka.”

Instagram; pictured above is Sarah

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