As Hurricane Ian Approaches Landfall, Here’s How To Safely Shelter In Place

First, residents who are sheltering in place are advised to download the FEMA app to receive real-time National Weather Service alerts. Second, it is important to keep food, batteries, flashlights, a first aid kit, local maps, and a whistle to signal for help on hand.

It is now too late to purchase these items; however, if you are able to safely and quickly assemble these items in an easy-to-reach place in your home, that is advised.

Additionally, prepare to lose electricity and running water. And if you have not already, you can fill your bathtub to ensure water access following outages.

Finally, close all doors, stay away from windows, and shelter in a small room on your home’s lowest level. In the event of flooding, travel to the building’s highest level– but never climb into a closed attic where you could become entrapped by water.

And in the days following Hurricane Ian, remember never to walk through floodwater as it could be electrically charged by downed power lines or contain hazardous debris.

It may take several days for first responders to clear damage and declare travel safe– so stay put and remain informed.

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