As Soon As Her Boyfriend Found Out That She Had Photos Of Her Ex Still On Social Media, He Dumped Her On The Spot

“I never let people get close to me. I really dove head first into this and fell really hard. He is the first boyfriend I’ve ever told I loved first, and he’s the only person I’ve had feelings for like this. We’ve been dating since June, officially.”

5 days ago, her new boyfriend asked her a question out of the blue and he wanted to know if she still had photos of her ex on social media.

She didn’t lie or try to hide it; she admitted that she did have photos of her ex still on public display. She insisted that it had never occurred to her to take the photos down since she is rarely on social media.

Well, that reason wasn’t good enough for her boyfriend, and he dumped her on the spot.

“He instantly told me he was done and blocked me from everything,” she continued. “No conversation, no warning. He said he wants a blank slate and that he’s done with me forever…I hate that he felt like there was a comparison, everything has happened quickly with us, and I never intended to keep up the photos anyway.”

She’s left wondering if he really was so upset about the photos or if there might be more to it than that. Do you think this was just an excuse for him to end things with her, and perhaps he wasn’t as invested in their relationship?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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